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Arduino IDE is a coding software that aims to make computer programming more accessible and convenient

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The Arduino IDE is the only development environment designed in house for developing Arduino software. While Raspberry Pi may have hogged the spotlight when it comes to home brew hardware and software integration, Arduino is still nothing to sneeze at. Whether you're looking to create a functioning robot, develop a customized home automation system for your lighting and thermostat, or rig up a retro gaming console, Arduino is smart enough to have you covered. And while the language that runs Arduino devices is eminently simple at its base, there's a lot of depth to the complexity you can do with the software. A basic project can be coded up in a simple text editor, but developers looking to make something more elaborate may be in search of something more robust. The Arduino IDE can provide you with all the tools you need to take your concept for an Arduino idea from concept to deployment.

The Arduino IDE runs in Java, and that comes with some distinct advantages. Java is one of the most widely adopted programming languages around, and that's in large part due to how easy it is to learn. That means that advanced developers with a working understanding of Java can quickly hit the ground running, and amateurs with little experience in Java can learn the ins and outs and get a working program functioning in an impressively short amount of time. This IDE is cross compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you don't have to worry about changing up the operating system you use just to take advantage of the features it offers. Once you create a project, you have the option of saving it locally on your computer or uploading it to the cloud so you can more easily share it with your colleagues and access it wherever you happen to be. This cloud support also makes it easy to access libraries other people have uploaded. As a result, you can cut out the busy work, plug in the components that have already been created, and get to the unique aspects of you own project.

While most IDEs work in conjunction with more traditional programming languages, Arduino is designed to be applied to hardware. That's why it includes a dedicated board management module. You can choose the board you want to work with from a simple pull down menu and save it for ease of use. But if you want to change the board you want to use, you can do so easily, and the port info will change intuitively to accommodate your needs. The sketching process allows you to mock up the project you're looking for with a text editor that comes accompanied with language specific perks, and there's even the option to document your code to assist others who want to make it work for them.


  • An IDE built explicitly for Arduino and created by the core development team
  • An open source and completely free project


  • Functionality is limited to people looking to work with Arduino and similar third party hardware

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